Believe it or not, it’s not a regular part of my late night entertainment to be watching stirring speeches given in front of tens of thousands of excited local folk. In Dresden, Germany. Did not know until just this week that Tommy Robinson, who founded the EDL (English Defense League) in 2009, even spoke German. But there he was, like a favorite son, known and adored by everybody, returning in their hour of need. When you watch the video, you see that Tommy Robinson has been in the business of warning against the Islamification of Britain and Europe. Not a popular thing to do in your governments eyes, since anything and everything that points out the fact that a certain kind of violence and mayhem has settled in to, say Birmingham, for example, has been made punishable by law in England. And elsewhere.

Here is a similar speech given in Utrecht.



tommy robinson utrecht


But the best by far are the two speeches by Götz Kubitschek, who has been producing the bi-monthly magazine Sezession, since 2002. Here is the easy to read, and short, English translation of his Leipzig speech back in January at the LEGIDA rally.

More recently, he also gave a speech in Dresden at the PEGIDA rally earlier this month on the 5th of October. It has English subtitles and so makes a good example of the main line of thought is behind all these, almost weekly now, rallies that consistently get 20 – 30 thousand people to turn out in a modern city of 2 million.



gotz kibitschek dresden pegida



And that line is, that the government is founded to be representative of the people, and as of late, it is acting against the wishes of the people and so far has resisted all efforts to rein them in. This is not just about how the massive immigration of a dis-similar people into the country will affect, well, just about everything you experience in day-to-day life. This is about the cultural war the government is waging against the people, literally replacing them with a totally different culture of people and then changing all the laws to favor them to your disadvantage. And then taxing you to support that change. And then bludgeoning you when you complain about it. Sound familiar?




closing speech dresden pegida

You can always choose not to look at these rallies and think, “Ah! That’s Germany. That’s got nothing to do with us!” Besides, you already know everything about the New Right movement in Germany because the main stream media in this country has already told you everything you need to know about them and what they stand for, right?


Lutz Bachman at Dresden Pegida

The same main stream media that tells you everything you need to know about us. Just a bunch of right-wing crazies waving scary flags and talking anti-government stuff.



Dave at gravelly point



Must all be true because our government is making a new Department of Justice position to head up the effort to counter all the domestic extremists and lone wolf killers that are running rampant, and no, they are expressly not referring to anyone of middle-eastern extraction while they’re looking you in the face explaining how this is to make the country “better for everyone”.


FreeFor kind of got out of the speeches and rallies cycle  several years back because there is just so much rage fatigue, but  it’s time, once again, to find a way to unite or die.  Somewhere there has to be a 20,000 person event waiting out there to happen for us.




10:00.  Summer Time.  Sitting in the swing.  Drinking fresh lemonade.  Looking at my freshly mowed lawn, or at least the little bit of it I can see from the front porch. Listening to the radio.  Then distress.  Somebody is talking about taking down the Confederate flag.  It’s not sunset yet.  Not even noon.   My flag is still up.  I can clearly see its shadow on the front lawn.  So, it’s the one down in Columbia, at the War memorial.   I take my lemonade into the house to see what the deal is.


Confederate_Flag 500


10:20.  Sure enough, the whole bunch of politicians are up to no good again.  You can always tell because they’re all standing around, real proud like, getting their pictures made.  And they’re on the T.V.,  filled with some unexplainable sense of joyous relief that something was ending.  They were taking the flag down, before lunch time, and something was ending.  Something about, “the people demanded…..” and, “it was time we did something…”.  We must be in some for big kind of trouble, cause you know how politicians are.




10:30.  Now they’re saying some people were offended by something.  Well, what a flimsy excuse for a politician to be doing something.  Aren’t they supposed to be out of session here in July anyway?  What are they up to?  They won’t do those things that’s in their job descriptions when they are in session, but here they are, like it’s some national emergency.  Maybe Putin is in town and they want to present him with an official flag.  He must have a couple hundred tanks with Confederate flag decals on them already.  Just about every country does.  ISIS  even drives Humvee’s stolen from the Iraqi Army that have Confederate flag decals on them.  Some people just can’t fill out a “But Hurt Form” without a Congressman being there for a photo-op?


stephan fry EX5v4


10:55.  Just got the update from Senator Lee Bright.    Sounds like those politicians are hoping nobody notices on a Friday, that they’re sweating bullets hoping we won’t drag their sorry little behinds into court for improperly concocting this little bit of entertainment.  But it’s plain to see, “someone” told them to do this and be snappy about it or “The Fergeson Effect” would be coming to a town near them soon.

11:15.  Those groundskeeping guys are really good.  Pulled that old flag pole right up and didn’t leave much of a mess.  Funny how those politicians have that look about them, like they’re saying, “There, that ought to fix that!”.  Yep, I’ll just head back to the old porch swing and watch for all the unicorns and rainbows to go by.  It’ll all be a change for the better.  Yessiree Bob!   Ol’ Remus –  got any thoughts on how this might turn out?


greatest horror



All Your Bandwidth


Just like in AA, you have to admit you have a problem before you can get better.  Here we are today — all of us — guilty of willingly and carelessly giving our private data, and oftentimes the private data of others, to the government.    What they do with that data they won’t say.  So far, there are no congress critters with enough vertebrae to stand up and put an end to this data collection, or even curb it, when we ask nicely.  And we have asked nicely, so far.  If our private data, and the private data of others, is so important to us then it falls to us to act on our own.  Take control of your data and start helping others to do the same.  Pastor Niemöller approved.


“Well that sounds real fine, but what can I do, exactly?”


First, go read up on NSA spying at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  It’s well worth your five minutes to get a handle on what’s going on.


EFF logo_full

Second, while you’re at the EFF, look into HTTPS Everywhere and think about adding it to your browser.  It’s free.


Third, also use the Calomel SSL Validation browser add-on to check the status of the sites you visit.  Not everybody is doing all they can to ensure the security of your private data.  This will let you know where those sites are.


Fourth, go read up on a few things you can actively do to make their job of collecting your data a little less enjoyable.   AccessNow.org has a seven step plan to help you do this – pdf here:


accessnow logo

They also have a TECH page where there are other useful tools like the one to check if you’re visiting one of those fake websites, that sometimes get set up by those three-letter agencies, to spread dis-information.  Yup, it’s just another job that pays the bills.   AccessNow is a human rights organization and has a lot of information about what’s going on with the internet internationally.  If the government wanted you to know any of these thing, they’d probably told you by now, don’t you think?

A few other places where you can get help are Prizm Break and  Surveillance Self-Defense.  Both have a goodly number of tools for just about any platform you might have.


On June 5th, the organization Reset the Net is planning on a campaign to spread NSA-resistant privacy tools.  On that day, clicking on this banner will take you to their Privacy Pack.

Reset the Net splash


Did I hear someone say, “There’s a storm coming!” ?


Storm is Coming


Nip Fed 2015 Slash 1

February 24, 2015



WHAT: National Patriot Field Day 2015 (NPFD 2015/1, pronounced “nip-fed twenty-fifteen slash one”) – Continental FTX

WHEN: 1300Z 19 APRIL 2015 – 0100Z 20 APRIL 2015

WHERE: CONUS (at a minimum)

WHO: You and your team; see below

WHY: Demonstrating that skills learned over the past six years can be applied successfully in the field in coordination/communication with other like-minded freedom-loving people located across North America

HOW: Entirely at teams’ discretion, subject to provisions below

CONCEPT: NPFD will provide an opportunity for patriots of all interests, abilities, and skills to field those talents over a 12-hour period and communicate their wins/losses/corrective actions to local, regional, and national UHF/VHF/HF networks.


Final version to be released NLT 0500Z 26 FEB 2015


For everyone that has already started their Neighborhood Protection Force, or wants to start one, here is an event to help you pull that together.  And you have two months advance notice to get everyone on board with your planned scenario.  More notice than you will ever get if this was a real emergency.  It’s what dry runs are all about.  Plus you get to connect to other groups that are also playing along.  Just like those Massive Multi Player Online Games that you’ve already invested thousands of hours on.  Instead of actually doing this with real people, in real-time, in your AO.

The added bonus of it being on the 19th may give you a reason to climb up that church tower you’ve always wanted to climb and shine the light that will warn the people that, “they’re coming by land”.

Vigilant Guard

These guys are practicing for what’s ahead.  Why aren’t you?


And in the interest of ‘Net Neutrality, which we will all have something more to deal with soon, here is equal time from Anatoly Weaseldik, of our local Progressive think tank.  (We don’t call them Stasi anymore.  And we may have to start doing this for real as a condition of our license to operate a blog on the internet.)

Comrades!  You should be thinking about what you can do for your government!  If we could just put aside our differences and work together, for the good of all, we could get some really great government programs in place that would really make country a better place.  You can start by reporting the guilty party that posted this counter-revolutionary propaganda poster on all windows at the public transportation station.  This could potentially hurt someone’s feelings about their contributions to the public welfare.


1 1 1532029_10102180702117510_1567488750_n




Pretty sure that God still isn’t very happy with me for killing all those people long time ago.  Even though they were all bad people and needed killing.  If I hadn’t done it, someone else surely would have.  But I’m also pretty sure God wouldn’t want me to go around killing people just because I didn’t think God can’t take a little joke, and I can’t take a little joke when people poke a little fun His way.  I figure, if you’re so thin-skinned that you have to lash out and kill people if they make fun of you, then you’ve got no business being in the Deity Business.  Put on your Big Boy pants and act like a God, I always say. 

So for those few out there without a pair of Big Boy pants that got a bit more butthurt than they could take over in France, we have this reminder:  killing Frenchmen ain’t no big thing.  It won’t get you any sympathy for your cause.  People have been killing Frenchmen  in every little third-world hell hole for hundreds of years and they’re still here, standing tall among the civilized people of the world.  In the meantime, some of us civilized people still excel at handing out butthurt, so here’s a little more of it for you.  And please, do bring that knife to a gunfight.





The religion of peace my big fat arse.  Get your share of butthurt’n pictures here from zombietime:



From Planck’s Constant:

One day, we will see daily jihadist attacks on our streets. When that becomes unbearable to our citizenry, hopefully we will have a President unafraid to call Islam an enemy of civilized peoples everywhere. On that day political correctness will not hold us back from doing what is morally imperative for our survival.


And from Hope ‘N Change:


Prophet and Loss-Small





Indistinguishable From Magic

October 29, 2014

Post SHTF Shopping Trip

In the Post-SHTF world,  that awaits us all in the near future, going into “Town” might not be as terrifying an experience as it is so often portrayed.  Glimmers of open and free trade could appear instead of the wide stretches of wasteland ruled by the marauding hordes we usually envision.  Oh, the ruthless gangs will still be there, up to business as usual,  if you scratch the surface, just a little.  But maybe it will all simmer down when everyone sees that by trying to act civil, you get more business done.  There might spring up that inevitable degree of “Mutually Assured Destruction” that keeps everything corked up and we can all get along long enough to buy and sell “goods and services” without excessively having to watch our every step and word.  Yet,  then as now, the rule may be, “stay as far away from town as possible”.  Then the real task becomes, “how to keep those electronic gizmos, that we depend on for information, navigation, and security, powered-up while we’re on the trail to and from “Town”.

One choice is to carry a pocket full of batteries, being careful not to drop them along the way, least some Scout Tracker figure what you’re up to.  Second choice is get one, or more of these:

Bio Lite Stove

First up, is the BIO LITE Stove, reviewed  on The Bullet Points youtube channel. Chances are you’re going to carry a stove even on an overnight trip.  This stove has a fan and a little piece that sticks out into the flames and makes electricity.  When your fire gets hot enough for a few minutes, the little green light comes on, signifying that it’s capable of providing power out the USB charging port, while you’re cooking.



Cup Charger

Second and third are two related items  —  the Power Pot and the Cup Charger.   Either of these will make power, again out a USB connector, while it’s more or less filled up with something to cook or heat up.  You provide the heat source.  They both claim to have heat-resistant cables.



Goal Zero Nomad 7

Fourth item works a little different.  The Goal Zero 10 Power Pack with the Nomad 7  folding solar panel.  Claims to charge up the  four AA battery power pack in 2 to 3 hours, depending on the level of sun light.



Flutter Wind Turbine

Something still in development over at the Resilient Communities site is called the Flutter.  A small wind turbine with a 60 watt battery pack.  Perhaps more suitable for use as a recharging station for  everyone’s batteries before and after the trip to town.


 No price on the Flutter yet, but the others are all in the $125 to $150 range.  Your choice probably depends on how much time you plan on sitting still versus having to keep on the move.  And in a Post SHTF enviroment, how they actually work won’t matter as long as they do work, which makes them indistinguishable from magic.

That Kodak Moment

April 19, 2014

First off, thanks to everyone that showed up and those that continue to hang in there in this endeavor.  It definitely has made a difference.  You are the story.   Fact is, you have just stepped into that street where the sign overhead says “The Twilight Zone”, and there is no turning back now.  For better or worse, we’re all knee-deep in “Change”.  So here is a little  slide show(*).  Grab some popcorn and set your drinks where you won’t hit them.

And So It Starts

Actually, the second American Revolution started years ago.  The government has been at war with you for quite some time now, but plain old “normalcy bias” keeps you from doing anything about it.  This is just the first time a lot of people got to participate or see the pictures.   Plus there has been extensive coverage, as long as you weren’t looking at NBC or CNN.   And yes,  it’s not over by any means.  It will take a certain critical mass of you to stay on-site, probably all summer, to keep this a success.  Actively pressing a revolution isn’t like going to Walmart, where you can just get your crap and then go home.  This will take whatever you have to give and then some more.

Will Take That Bet

If you have time to dig a little, you’ll eventually find the governments own research about the desert tortoise being endangered because, in that same environment is the equally endangered desert raven that lives there because it’s favorite food is little baby desert tortoises.  This is complicated because there is only a “best guess” on the population of either animal.  Almost exactly like the flap over the Spotted Owl in the Pacific Northwest forest, all those years ago.  Or climate change.  So, if this isn’t  about “Save the turtles”,  what is it?


When We Do It

A proposed cattle round-up?  Two hundred federal troops, most likely with automatic weapons.  Some agents, as you can see, with no identifying insignia.  Maybe on loan from Harry Reid’s personal army.  A few helicopters and drones.  A number of trucks and SUV’s.  One man, five head of cattle each.  Should be easy enough for a ten-year old kid to accomplish in an afternoon.    Except these guys don’t have that experienced cow-hand look about them.  Too bad we aren’t allowed this level of presence a little further south at the border where we have a serious ongoing problem.  But, somehow, we are supposed to see all this as reasonable.

When The Russians Do it

But if the Russians do the same thing, well, that’s unreasonable and provocative.



So, now you’re stuck, which ever direction you turn.  Despite voting for people who swear they will work to put an end to all this insanity, do you see any less insanity, or is there more insanity?  Sometimes the “more insanity” that shows up today was put in place years ago.   Tucked away by bureaucrats where nobody would notice.

Voice of Tyranny

The government is only looking out for your best interests.  Working hard to make the country strong and safe.


Now adays, if you don’t like saying, “Baaaaa, baaaaa”, then you’ll have to do something about it yourself.  Don’t give me that look.


 A variation on the old “What, me worry?” Somewhere on the campus of Connecticut College is the professor Reuters recently cited as an expert on the militia.  The main line of thought in her book is to try to understand where you angry white rural men come from and why you’re full of intolerance and vigilantism rather than embracing the modern liberal democratic reform way of thinking.  Without ever talking to even a single one of the millions of militiamen out there.  You can laugh.  I will scream.

The Surprised Look

Somewhere, there lives an angry white rural militiaman, so intolerant not to understand and appreciate democratic reform.  Resorts to graffiti of outdated and crude political slogans.  That narrows  down the search for the guilty person that did this.

When tyranny becoms law

The question was asked, “Why did the militia bring guns?”  The answer was, “Because those guys brought guns!”

Proper use of WAM

See?  Even your cat can do some surprising things.


Your turn.  What can you do?  What will you do?  Start thinking about what you’d want somebody to do when it’s your day to be the Bundy’s.  Ich ben ein Bundy!



*  some pictures borrowed from Mike Miles, who admits to possibly lifting some of them from somewhere else.


 Update —  Got time to volunteer or send your support?  Oathkeepers are manning the line.  You were going on a vacation anyway.  Think of it as the modern Peace Corps.





Your Daily Drive

Your Daily Drive

Long, long time ago, when I used to go with a young Ronald Regan over to play at Tom Jefferson’s house in the afternoon, there was this particular old crusty character that attempted to teach us the finer skills necessary for running a Personal Security Detail.  He usually wore an old leather jacket and a ball cap  that looked borrowed from some homeless guy, and he had a couple of visibly poorly healed-up scars.  Probably had a few more that didn’t show. Every day was just the re-telling of how he did this or that when he was on the detail for some politician, or businessman, or some dignitary in some little hell-hole of a place where nobody spoke the Queen’s English.  The main thing was that you had to have a plan, and you needed to plan for it like it might just be the last job you ever did.  We always suspected he’d robbed a few banks in his past, from the excruciating detail that went into every plan, right down to who drove the taxi-cabs that time of day and which way the water ran down the streets if it rained.


Nowadays, there’s some sharp-looking kid in his mid-twenties, wearing clean khakis and a polo shirt, using a colorful Power Point presentation trying to do the same thing,  as if running a Personal Security Detail is something that can be taught while you’re sitting down inside a classroom.  Well, it’s not.  Those old crusty guys didn’t get that permanent tanned look by spending their days inside a classroom, putting people to sleep with another pretty Microsoft product.


There are a few important skills you need to learn relating to  a Personal Security Detail for your own security, because it’s past time to start thinking about protecting yourself.  And it starts with……. (insert drum roll here)  making a plan.  If I wanted to capture or kill you, for the sake of this discussion,  I’d start figuring out what you do on a regular basis.  Your daily routine. Where do you go every day?  Is it always  the same route and at the same time?  More than one mode of transportation?  Always by yourself?  Always wear soft body armor so you can’t be tased?  Where is that one good spot to get bagged where nobody would see?  Could probably learn everything I needed to know after watching you for a week, and you will never see me, so you’ll need to come up with a really good plan.


Start reading here:

and then start making your notes.  Yes, it will require you to get outside and picture in your mind that you’re me, watching you go thru your day.  Try not to start drinking a lot and losing sleep over it.

Might not be me that takes that contract to hunt you down.  But somebody will.  You ready to have guests stay for Tea?


Home just in time for Tea

Home just in time for Tea

Lots of fires this week around the world.  Ukraine, Venezuela, Bosnia.  Plenty of people around here playing with matches, too.

Global Incident Map 21FEB

This is a little history lesson for those new members of the resistance that seem to think the assault on their personal liberties is something that happened to them only two election cycles ago.

Let us begin with a little recent history — back in the fall of the year 1969.

Richard Milhouse Nixon, 37th President of the United States,  issued Executive Order 11490, on October 30, 1969, “Assigning Emergency Preparedness Functions to Federal Departments and Agencies,” which consolidated some 21 operative Executive Orders and two Defense Mobilization Orders issued between 1951 and 1966 on a variety of emergency preparedness matters.   Yep, the same guy that disconnected your money from the gold standard.


President Gerald Ford,  38th President of the United States,  in 1976, ordered the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency (FEPA) to develop plans to establish government control of the mechanisms of productions and distribution of energy sources, wages and salaries, credit and the flow of money in American financial institutions in any (heretofore undefined) “national emergency.” This Executive Order (EO 11921) also indicated that, when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress could not review the matter for a period of six months.

Starting to sound familiar?

President Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States,  in 1979,  signed Executive Order 12148 which created the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to replace the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency. This Presidential Directive mandated an interface between the Department of Defense (DOD) and FEMA for civil defense planning and funding.


Which brings us to the next President and former Governor of California, Ronald Regan.   This will take a little explaining, because this is one of those major chain of events that went largely under everybody’s radar.

In 1971, then California Governor Reagan, with a $425,000 grant from the Federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, established a counter-terrorism training center–the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI)–and made General Louis O. Giuffrida its commandant.
Shortly after he assumed the directorship of FEMA in 1981, General Giuffrida had flooded high-level FEMA posts with friends from CSTI and the military police, had created a Civil Security Division of FEMA, and had established a Civil Defense Training Center in Emmitsburg, Maryland–based on the CSTI model. By 1984, the Center had trained one thousand civil defense personnel in survival techniques, counter-terrorism and military police methods.

President Ronald Reagan, now 40th President of the United States,  signed a series of National Security Decision Directives between February to July of 1982, on civil defense policy and emergency mobilization preparedness. While Reagan’s real U.S. civil defense policy is contained in the classified NSDD 26, some of the law enforcement and public safety provisions of the policy are made public in NSDD 47. This National Security Decision Directive provides for an intensified counterintelligence effort at home and the maintenance of law and order in a variety of emergencies, particularly terrorist incidents, civil disturbances, and nuclear emergencies.

Reagan gave the National Security Council (NSC) authority over the planning for civil defense policy with its expanded civil security powers. He mandated the creation of a senior-level interdepartmental board, the Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Board (EMPB), and charged it with responsibilities for policy and planning guidance, coordination of planning, resolution of issues, and monitoring progress.

Oliver North (remember Ollie North?) served on the EMPB, having been assigned there from 1982 to 1984 by former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane. General Giuffrida was there too, providing operational supervision. By forming the EMPB, Ronald Reagan made it possible for a small group of people, under the authority of the NSC, to wield enormous power. They, in turn, used this executive authority to change civil defense planning into a military/police version of civil security.

That’s when FEMA morphed into the monster it is today.  And still today, very few people know a hill of beans about FEMA.

In January of 1982, FEMA and the Department of Defense issued a joint paper entitled, “The Civil/Military Alliance in Emergency Management” which specified many of the provisions of Reagan’s policy on emergency mobilization preparedness. This document indicates that FEMA had been given emergency powers to acquire resources from federal and state agencies (including National Guard personnel) and the private sector (banking, communications, transportation, etc.) “for use in civil disturbance operations.

Apparently General Frank S. Salcedo, Chief of FEMA’s Civil Security Division and General Giuffrida’s former colleague at CSTI, wanted more. In 1983, in a workshop at the annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, General Salcedo recommended expanding FEMA’s power further in the areas of survivability training, research on imposing martial law, and the potential threat posed by foreign and domestic adversaries. As he saw it at least 100,000 U.S. citizens, from survivalists to tax protesters, were serious threats to civil security.

Salcedo saw FEMA’s new frontier in the protection of industrial and government leaders from assassination, and of civil and military installations from sabotage and/or attack, as well as the prevention of dissident groups from gaining access to U.S. opinion or a global audience in times of crisis.

And 30 years ago, they started having “training exercises” to those ends.

The Rex-84 Alpha Explan (Readiness Exercise 1984, Exercise Plan), indicates that FEMA, in association with 34 other federal civil departments and agencies, conducted a civil readiness exercise during April 5-13, 1984. It was conducted in coordination, and simultaneously, with a Joint Chiefs exercise, Night Train 84, a worldwide military command post exercise (including Continental U.S. Forces or CONUS) based on multi-emergency scenarios operating both abroad and at home. In the combined exercise, Rex-84 Bravo, FEMA and DOD led the other federal agencies and departments, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Secret Service, the Treasury, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Veterans Administration through a gaming exercise to test military assistance in civil defense.

So any agency that was an agency participated in this week-long exercise, all across the country and a few places abroad.  Even back then, all you survivalists and tax protesters were seen as a threat to civil security.  That would be those people known as preppers and tea partiers today.  And how many of you are there now, today? More than 100,000?

The exercise anticipated civil disturbances, major demonstrations and strikes that would affect continuity of government and/or resource mobilization. To fight subversive activities, there was authorization for the military to implement government ordered movements of civilian populations at state and regional levels, the arrest of certain unidentified segments of the population, and the imposition of martial rule.  This means me.  This means you.

There’s the phrase you’ve been waiting for — martial ruleFEMA started off as an agency for the  co-ordination of civil policing forces with the military, but easily evolved into a protection screen to keep “the forces of domestic terrorism” from decapitating the higher levels of government.  Kind of like in some of those brush fires on today’s map.

Then in 2007 —

George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States, created and signed Executive Directive 51 on May 4, 2007, which claims power to execute procedures for continuity of the federal government in the event of a “catastrophic emergency”. Such an emergency is construed as “any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions.”

The source text for NSPD51 repeatedly reaffirms constitutionality and specifically states that “Recognizing that each branch of the Federal Government is responsible for its own continuity programs, an official designated by the Chief of Staff to the President shall ensure that the executive branch’s Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government policies in support of Enduring Constitutional Government efforts are appropriately coordinated with those of the legislative and judicial branches in order to ensure interoperability and allocate national assets efficiently to maintain a functioning Federal Government.”


Conservative activist Jerome Corsi and Marjorie Cohn of the National Lawyers Guild have said that this is a violation of the Constitution of the United States in that  the three branches of government are separate and equal, with no single branch coordinating the others.  The directive, created by the president, claims that the president has the power to declare a catastrophic emergency.

It does not specify who has the power to declare the emergency over.

That task may necessarily fall to us.

Earn Your Patch

Then in 2008 —  NORTHCOM

Beginning Oct. 1 for 12 months, the 1st BCT went under the day-to-day control of U.S. Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command, as an on-call federal response force for natural or man-made emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks.

But this new mission marks the first time an active unit has been given a dedicated assignment to NorthCom, a joint command established in 2002 to provide command and control for federal homeland defense efforts and coordinate defense support of civil authorities.

Finally 2009 —

The current 44th President of the United States, the current guy sitting in the White House.  Was against the Patriot Act and the NDAA before he made his new pay grade.  Go look up his campaign speeches.  Not going to link them here.

The Patriot Act  is supposed to be about the authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications relating to terrorism and computer fraud.  But towards the end, in Section 802. Definition of Domestic Terrorism, subpart 5:

(5) the term `domestic terrorism’ means activities that–

`(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;

`(B) appear to be intended–

`(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

`(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or

`(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and

`(C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.’.


The NDAA pretty much sealed the case to classify anyone as a national security threat, and detain them indefinitely, without specifying the charges and denying them legal counsel.

Under Section 1021 of the NDAA, foreign nationals who are alleged to have committed or merely “suspected” of sympathizing with or providing any level of support to groups the U.S. designates as terrorist organization or an affiliate or associated force may be imprisoned without charge or trial “until the end of hostilities.” The law affirms the executive branch’s authority granted under the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and broadens the definition and scope of “covered persons.” But because the “war on terror” is a war on a tactic, not on a state, it has no parameters or timetable. Consequently, this law can be used by authorities to detain (forever) anyone the government considers a threat to national security and stability – potentially even demonstrators and protesters exercising their First Amendment rights.

Just Words

Congress passed the NDAA again on 19 DEC 2013, and this guy signed it, yet again.

The NDAA retains it’s most controversial aspect, the notorious section 1021, which allows the government to detain any American citizen for an unlimited amount of time without due process.

Another disturbing section of this NDAA, Section 1071, beefs up the already high levels of spying by the NSA. Section 1071 outlines the creation of the “Conflict Records Research Center”, where the unconstitutionally obtained information that the NSA has collected is compiled and shared with the Department of Defense. This information, referred to as “captured records,” can be anything from your phone records, emails, browsing history or posts on social media sites.

The ever-changing definition of “terrorism” according by the state, has now expanded to describe individuals who are reverent of individual liberty, suspicious of centralized authority, and identified potential “terrorist activity” to include such trivialities as paying with cash.

What’s that?  You don’t feel any safer?  You don’t think you’re being better protected? After 30 years of these guys working their asses off?   Well just ask the guys that wrote these Executive Orders and spent billions of tax payer dollars if THEY feel any safer, and that answer will be, “Yes”.  Hmmmmm.  So maybe it wasn’t all about you, but about MAKING THEM SAFE FROM  YOU.  They will feel safe when they see the smoke of the brush fires.  After all, they do not fear you as long as they promise you the opportunity to vote every couple of years.  It will keep you busy working to replace them, with others just like them, just like it did last time.  And that will keep those matches tucked safely away in your pockets.  Here’s your remote.  Just sit on your couch and channel surf.  Now be a good sheeple.

the wall

Time to think about what action is necessary to bring them to a halt.  How to make them just stop.  Looks like in Kiev, at least for now, they’ve figured that one out.


Kiev Square

After the 2016 Elections

February 14, 2014

U.S. in 5 years

Wish i could say, “It’s been a quiet week”, but it seems like it’s been more than a couple of decades now that we’ve been under this slow, steady attack.  The ignorance of my youth, when I held a firm belief that we as a country, as a people, were doing just fine, is greatly missed.  The knowing of  what’s behind this attack, weighs heavily on my old bones, and the suspicion about the required remedy weighs even more.

Starting with this story, we have a good guess about the nature of the coming summer of politicking.


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh went “out on a limb” and predicted Wednesday that the 2014 midterms will be a “wave election like 2010.”

“I think the people of this country are gonna sweep Democrats out of office every chance they get, every opportunity they get — and I think there’s plenty of evidence for it right now,” Limbaugh said. “You don’t have Henry Waxman and these people retiring unless they know.”

Mix that with this week’s story from Venezuela, which if you regularly read just a little about that place, you’ll know that’s us five years in the future.  Maybe less.


CARACAS, Venezuela, Feb. 13 (UPI) —
Three people were shot dead and 23 were wounded in anti-regime violence in Caracas, officials said, amid escalating Venezuelan unrest over economic hardships.

Protesters have been calling for Maduro to resign and complaining about economic hardships, soaring crime and rampant corruption for the past two weeks.

In the Caracas violence, which started in the afternoon, several hundred protesters, mostly young men, fought with police. The violence persisted into the night.

Protesters threw stones, bottles and Molotov cocktails, set police cars and tires on fire, and blocked a main thoroughfare, while riot squads responded with tear gas and nightsticks, El Pais and NTN24 said.

The dead included a pro-government activist and an anti-government student, Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz said. A third young man also died of a gunshot wound later Wednesday, said Ramon Muchacho, the mayor of Caracas’ upscale Chacao district.

At least 23 people were injured, authorities said.

More than 30 people were arrested, Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres told reporters.

He said those who were arrested wore hooded sweatshirts and carried “bags with Molotov cocktails, rocks and other objects to attack police.”

Rodriguez Torres called the hostility “a premeditated act of violence against police and against the Venezuelan people.”

NTN24, the only broadcaster showing live video of the violence, had the plug pulled on its cable signal, it said.

William Castillo, president of the government’s regulatory National Telecommunications Commission, said he ordered all cable providers to stop carrying the NTN24 signal because the broadcast “promoted violence,” which is “a crime,” El Pais reported.

NTN24 Director General Claudia Gurisatti called the suspension of its signal “censorship, a violation of the right of citizens to be informed and an attack on freedom of expression.”

Stir these two stories together and think past the pending 2014 elections, ending up with this prediction for what’s ahead after the 2016 elections:

The new President is sworn into office mid January, 2017.  The mix of a ruined economy, an appalling job market, wide-spread loss of medical services, and a crushing national debt, starts to sink into the little pumkin heads of the sheeple that were fed “Hope and Change” for nearly a decade. Finally, they are not happy.    And they have a new-found focus.  Not on the fact that the most corrupt government in their history knowingly did this to them, but that now, the government is not delivering on those promises.  By April, 2017, we will have violent protests in the streets, the likes as we have not seen in 50 years, organized and funded by the same organizations that supported the last administration.  The mechanisms for control, put into place by previous presidents since Nixon, will  get switched on in an effort to minimize the violence.  Cell phone “metadata”, collected by the government, will be used to identify and track those people participating in rioting, and social media will be monitored to identify those people working to support planning and operation of the riots.  Face recognition, license plate readers and drones will be used to follow the organizers back to their centers of planning and plotting.  And then the MRAPs and SWAT teams come into play at 0400.


ice cream man

Those of you in the “Patriot Community”, who had made extensive plans and preps to either fight the government and/or the zombie hoards, may become awestruck spectators as you watch those same forces implode against each other without any effort on your part, felling ignored and left out.  Not what you had anticipated, exactly, but just maybe, some of you may still find brief “moments of opportunity” to stir the pot without being noticed.