The Big Question

January 4, 2010

There is no question that we are now living in “interesting times”.  This modern world is really coming apart at the seams and many of those unraveling threads  are never going back like they once were.    It is easy to hear on tv and radio many people telling you what they think and you may share their views on a lot of points, and by now, you’ve asked yourself countless times, “What can I do?”

So  now at the start of a new year,  it’s time for a new tact.  You have to start asking yourself:  “What’s important to me and what am I willing to do to get there?”  You absolutely can’t put it off another day.

The question is easy, but very  important.  You have to admit there is grave trouble ahead and you have to get prepared.

The answer is simple, but complicated.   How do you “get prepared” for the trouble ahead and how will you know when you get to that point?

Sadly, there isn’t a “Fairy Godmother of Preparedness” to help you “basically transform” yourself with the mere touch of her magic wand.  But there is help.  It just takes time.  And you have less time than you think.  The starters’ pistol was fired quite some time ago and now you must run like your very life depends on it.  You know it does.

Take a a deep breath and take the plunge here:


When you come back up, there is more.  Much more.


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