The Fork in the Road and the Illusion of Free Choice

January 13, 2010


The Survivalblog of John Wesley Rawles ( is a good starting point on the road to becoming prepared.  After the first ten minutes of perusing the site, it should be immediately apparent that being prepared isn’t the same as having three days of MREs and extra flashlight batteries in an old pillowcase sitting in the top of the closet.  When the space aliens come to round up the entire human race with plans on “serving mankind” back on their home planet (there are many TEOTWAWKI scenario to choose from), they can probably wait the extra three days it will take to starve you out and herd you up.  You just simply have no idea how much you’re worth, per pound, back at the deli near their house.

Being prepared is about living well in difficult times. This means living in a community of survivors, with skills and a mindset to persevere. Working on a budding economy, forming a somewhat orderly society, and having a good chance of long term viability and stability makes that possible.  This enables the classic “division of labor scenario”.  This, conceptually, defines a tribe.  You simply can’t be the last man on earth, do everything you need to do to survive while constantly evading the alien hoard, then figure out how to exploit their basic weaknesses to successfully drive them off the face of the planet,  and then repopulate the earth.  That happens only in the movies, and you need to take a long look around right now and admit to yourself you don’t live in a movie.  Do it now.  The rest of us here in Survivor City will wait.

Remember: Only you can gauge your level of preparedness, and then you will only be half right.


You need a deep well of motivation to help you endure not just becoming prepared, but actually living prepared.  Revenge on the alien hoard is good.  A clear mandate to repopulate the earth could be satisfying.  Living in a successful tribe could be good, especially when compared with being the aliens’ equivalent to leg of lamb.

It is the clear plans of the aliens to relieve you of those pesky day-to-day decisions of where to work, where to live, what to think.  They like you fat and juicy, not tough and lean.  So don’t worry about freedom and choice.  Think about the safety and comfort of the easy life awaiting you straight up, fourth star to the left.

Karl Denninger told it like it is back in September:

And here is a quick recap of changes since last year also from Denninger:,-Where-Were-Heading-2010.html

Most of you are too young to remember this, and as they don’t teach history in most schools any more, here is a reminder, that back in 1933, then President Roosevelt decided to stabilize the economy by taking gold and silver out of private hands.

Before you invest heavily in gold, remember it could happen again, except this go around, it’s treasury bonds that could get the same treatment.  Got any investments that are eventually backed by treasury bonds?  Well, you might soon.  What’s left of your IRA and 401-K are at risk.

Read all the chapters of a fictional account of one of the possible outcomes of the pending financial collapse in this short story, “The Day the Dollar Died”.

Then read the web chapters of “Absolved”, from Mike Vanderbough.

There is a very old saying:  “Just because you’re not interested in politics, doesn’t mean politics isn’t interested in you!”.  The modern version is, “Just because you’re not paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you!”.

You’ve got anywhere between five seconds and twenty years before the cattle ships from outer space land for that big round up, depending on whose scenario you choose to embrace.  Right now, you’re at that fork in the road.  You know  — the one that has that lamp post where Rod Serling always stood beside while he introduced the next look into human kind.  What you’ll find at the fork in the road is that whether you take one path or the other doesn’t really matter as much as making that choice to go down one or the other.  Because it’s the illusion of choice that blinds you.  See, sometimes both paths take you to the same place.  Somebody has made that path you’re on because they want you to go a certain endpoint, and it’s so very easy to follow the path.

Time to take a walk off the beaten path.  Are you ready?


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