Who Benefits?

April 1, 2010

Just received a one line e-mail that goes, “How can you tell when the President is lying?”  You might laugh a little, but you just don’t believe that the President of the United States would be consistently deceitful in everything he does.  You just don’t believe that the President of the United States is working around the clock to scrub everything about this country down to the bare rocks, planning to rebuild it all back up into something completely different that is  indistinguishable from (insert third world country of your choice here).  You just don’t believe that the President of the Unites States is actively at war with most of our foreign allies, the States, the Corporations, our Military, and yes, even grasshoppers like you.

You just don’t believe it.  Yet.

It is of no surprise that the name of the major newspaper back in Russia is PRAVDA.  “The Truth”.  Old Joe Stalin would be proud of how easy some stories are getting told here today as “the news”, just to make it easier to spin the next news story that just may have a little of the truth in it.  All news sources pretty much will repeat the same stories, spun the same way, in any given 24 hour period.  There are even events that are reportedly happening, that with just a little digging, turn out to be mostly hype and fabrication.   Even the clearly deceitful stories get so much spin as to be almost believable because we want to believe something.  After a while, you won’t be able to know what is really happening, inside or outside of the country.  You’ll only know what they tell you.   “The Truth”.

Writing takes a lot of my time.  Right now, events are happening so quickly that it makes it difficult to write about any of them in a timely fashion.   Some stories in the news seem intended to purposefully distract our attention from finding out what is actually happening.   So here is what I can write about.  The things that aren’t happening too fast to keep up with.

The “news” is being manipulated by the government.   “The Truth” is being manipulated by the government.  Daily.  Hourly.  Repeatedly.  Not just glossed over or slightly skewed, or “just the facts in 25 words or less”.   Real whoppers.

People that said these things about the government back in old Joe Stalin’s day would just disappear.  Disappear.

Funny,  you don’t look the least bit surprised.  Not even a hint of disbelief.  Just a silence that whispers, “…and ?”.

Why would any government need to mislead its people about what it’s doing?    At all levels.  Every day.

Who benefits?

If you’re waiting for the Constitution to kick in and straighten the whole mess out all by itself,  you’re probably expecting the Easter Bunny to bring you candy this weekend too.

So tell me, who is marching around Red Square on May 9th this year?


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