Harvard — Not so old school anymore.

July 6, 2011

Used to be, Harvard, Princeton and Yale, along with MIT, were the brain trusts of the country.  Traditions of serious thought and American values were passed each year to next class.  But recently, anytime someone is introduced with the explanation that they’re from Harvard, you can pretty much be assured this is done to soften the shock of what they are about to say, because it will most assuredly sound like the most unbelievable B.S. that you’ve heard today.  This kind of courtesy from my friends forewarns me, and when they tell me these incredible stories, i rarely laugh my beer out thru my nose anymore.

The most recent steaming heap appeared  at several news sources.  Lets pick on this one at another wordpress blog site:


Mostly, it says that celebrations at Independence Day merely serve to re-enforce social-political beliefs in adults who then pass those beliefs on, and thereby are indoctrinating,  youngsters.  It is my experience, that taking kids to the range and teaching them to handle fire arms properly and shoot straight pretty much does the same thing.  Never actually gave much thought to the notion we all needed some guy at Harvard to study this phenomena of human nature and explain it to me like it’s official, now that he’s published his findings.  Only problem is, that study from Harvard presents the idea like it’s a bad thing.

If you want to read comments from some supporting the, “it’s a bad thing”, point of view, they can be found here:


Guess some folk just like to feel bad about themselves, for just about any reason, and want some company in their misery.  Me?   I’ve seen joy and I’ve seen misery, and there is no doubt about it, I prefer the joy.  My plans are to spend the Fourth in the company of some old guys as well as some younger folks and “indoctrinate” as many of them as time permits, and hopefully, it will still be legal to openly  celebrate again next year.


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