Get Over It

October 5, 2011

It takes me forever to finish a piece anymore.  Not that I was that prolific at the beginning.  Things are still happening at a pretty good clip, and very little of it is good.   If I had to post something everyday, it would simply be: “Jesus H. Christ, did you see what they just did?” You should just say those words yourself and then you wouldn’t have to check here at tensmiths everyday for a new story.

Figured I’d be over the “rage fatigue” by now, but life has pretty much settled into “rage” and “fatigue”.  I farm a little when not working full time, so, I can account for, and manage somewhat, the fatigue part.  The rage is still firmly rooted in the fact that daily, the government is steadily increasing their level of hijinx, and that they’re still getting away with it.  Oftentimes, this is accompanied by pointless side stories, from the big name “news” outlets, as a diversion, so you don’t immediately figure out what they’re up to.

Remember that “jobs bill speech” that POTUS gave on a Thursday afternoon, that you didn’t really watch because you were waiting for the season opener game?  While you were watching the game, the Senate stayed behind and did “a little business”, as Harry Reid referred to it, knowing full well that now, you weren’t looking at anything but the game, and would be talking about it on the next day too.  It would be 24 hours or better before anyone figured out that they raised the debt limit by $500 billion dollars without asking you.  Or telling you.  The vote went down along party lines and passed.  Chances are you still don’t know about it, as it was only reported by the Wall Street Journal on the following day, and most people, even if they still carried some residual “rage fatigue”, went straight into the weekend, oblivious.

On 27Sept11, there was an Honest-to-God DEFCON1 “maximum readiness alert drill” put on by DHS..  How did that one turn out?  Hear anything in the “news” about it?  Anybody interviewed about the significance of the a DEFCON1 drill, that just coincided with everybody being on vacation and/or holed up in Denver?  Maybe, just maybe, you little people just don’t need to worry your little pumpkin heads about your government conducting national emergency test.  They’re just trying to figure out how best to take care of you, or, they’re actually trying to figure out how to really take care of you.  Scenario games.  Doing any of those yourself?

Best Guess Scenario.  For the next two years, if things go really, really well, the economy and job market will be flat.   No matter who, Democrat or Republican, gets to sit in the POTUS seat next, or who gets to sit in Congress, or who gets to sit in your state capital, all they will really be able to do is hold the reins tightly and try to ride that wild horse across the river.  Too much set in motion to bring to a complete halt and back up.  Could be too high an expectation for things to go that well.

Worst Guess Scenario.  Most of us will get to completely run out of ammo before they finally take us out at fall-back position 4.  That’s what I call it on my map anyway.  You do have a plan, don’t you?

Anyhow….I’ve pretty much kicked the habit of getting news from the telly.  Gave up on the newspaper long time ago.  Just so tired of the government doing things nobody asked them to do, and then lying about it, and the media helping to cover it all up and create other stories in the news as a diversion.  But I’m getting over it.  You can too.   Been focusing my rage energy into selling my country neighbors on the idea of forming a sustainable resilient community and mutual assistance group (because some of them don’t like the word militia), making food and stocking up with it.  Recruiting others every chance I get is satisfying work.  It’s all endless work, but we’ll eventually get over it.

Two years ago, the blovel, “The Day the Dollar Died” , was posted over at john galt’s blog, and near the end of the story there’s a map covered all over with little red dots where there are “pockets of resistance” still scattered around.  This place is one of those red dots now.  And this is where I’ll be, for the long haul, watching and waiting.  Some old guy way back said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”.  Seems like that should be carved into a big rock somewhere.

Reminds me of that frequently told urban legend story from the Iraq War times.  There was an F-18 pilot on patrol along the eastern border.  He gets notified by Iranian security that he is in Iranian airspace and needs to change course and get out.  Of course, he replies that he knows precisely where he is and that’s inside Iraqi airspace.  The Iranians inform him that he has two minutes to turn around and clear Iranian airspace before they dispatch two interceptors to destroy his jet.  “Send them up.  I’ll wait”, was his short reply.  There was no further radio contact from Iranian security.


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