No, it’s not just a game anymore

January 11, 2012

There are no rules in this game, except what you bring with you.  Whether you do anything or not, you are still a participant.  Winning just let’s you go on to the next level.  There are many things worse than death waiting for those that don’t make it to the end of this level.

Right now there is a map of your town with a grid overlay, and all those little squares are marked either “Pacified”, “Resistance”, or “Unknown”.  There will be a serious effort to make all the squares “Pacified”.  There is already someone, locally, in charge of preparing that plan.  You will not be allowed to see that map.  Ever.



3 Responses to “No, it’s not just a game anymore”

  1. Pat Hines Says:

    They will have their map, we have ours.

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