Future History

May 2, 2012

The following stories are true, although some information has been changed to protect the identities of those who might be involved.

These stories take place in the near future, in and around the city of Bremerton, when economic policies have definitively pushed the country over the edge into collapse.  With nearly daily riots over food and utilities, the DHS has put in place command centers in nearly every city, although martial law has not officially been proclaimed.  The country has become polarized to the extent that everyone is more or less aligned along two factions.

The majority of the populace are loosely organized into the Federal Socialists Association.  These people are mostly dependent upon the Federal government for their daily welfare and would  like to maintain their status as recipients of abundant government benefits.  How they get those benefits, or why, is of little concern.  Economics is such a dry subject anyway.

There is a small part of the population that are still struggling to pressure the government into returning to fiscal responsibility on a more constitutional basis.  These people are loosely organized into what they call the Independent Republican Association and are located in small pockets across the country. Like the city of Bremerton.

27 June, 2013

The battle of St Matthews Church

The shooting began shortly after 10pm on Saturday,  and lasted for about five hours.  However, republicans and socialists disagree over what sparked the violence and who fired the first shots.

Republicans claim that the violence was started by a mob of socialists who were returning from an Occupy Wall Street rally.  They say that the socialists tried to set the church on fire with home-made Molotov cocktails and invade Short Street, with the intention of burning the republicans from their homes.   But, the republicans argue that they were simply defending the church and Short Street from socialists attack.  Socialists claim that the violence was begun by the republicans; allegedly when the returning OWS members and supporters came under attack on Newtown Road.  They also claim that republicans attacked homes on Newtown Road in order to lure the socialists into a trap.

Whatever sparked the violence, a small group of republican volunteers and members of the Citizens’ Defense Committee took up positions in the grounds of St Matthew’s Church and in the surrounding streets, intending to hold back the socialists. The republicans were led by Bill McKee, who was then commander of the republican’s Bremerton Brigade.

Shortly after the shooting began,  Pat Kimber of the local police department went with Short Street residents to the local DHS center and demanded protection for their homes.  DHS agent Mike Downs later said: “The whole incident had taken its course because the DHS was so chronically overstretched that night in Bremerton”.  A DHS dispatched TSA group did arrive but it did not intervene. CNN journalist Peter Taylor later said:

“The shooting intensified but the agents still declined to intervene and separate the two sides – either because they felt they were not numerically strong enough or because did not wish to get caught up in the middle of the fight, in the darkness, with shots being fired by both sides.”

Liz Mackey, who was a EMS attendant that night, said that Short Street was surrounded by socialists and claimed that they attacked her ambulance as it tried to leave the area.

After about five hours, the socialists retreated. Republican leader Bill McKee claimed that his members had fired 800 rounds during the battle.

Three people were killed in the clash. An unknown number were wounded—including Bill McKee, who was shot five times.

10 March 2015

The republicans kidnapped three off-duty DHS agents in Bremerton and brought them to a dirt road outside the city, lined them up, and shot each of them in the head. They were the first off-duty agents to be killed in the conflict.

Another high-profile incident took place in Gary, Indiana, later in March, when three unarmed republican members were shot dead by a FBI unit while scouting out a potential protest rally site.  The subsequent funerals of these republicans in Bremerton were attacked by socialists gunman Michael Stoner.  At a funeral of one of Stoner’s victims, two undercover DHS agents were brutally killed after intruding on the crowd. This was all captured on cellphone video by many of those attending the funeral.

The Attack at Kings Mall

On 5 January 2016 just after 9.30pm, a red Ford  SUV was carrying twelve mall workers home from work.  Three were republicans and nine were socialists. Two of the republicans got out at First Street subway station, while the rest continued on down the road. As the SUV cleared the rise of a hill, it was stopped by a man standing on the road waving a flashlight. As it stopped, eleven masked gunmen with blackened faces and wearing combat jackets emerged from the shadows. A man “with a pronounced southern accent” then began talking.  At first, the workers assumed that they were being stopped and searched by a TSA checkpoint, and when ordered to line up beside the bus, they obeyed. At this point the “southern-accented” lead gunman asked the workers whether they were republicans or socialists. The only republican was Richard Hughes. His workmates—thinking that the gunmen were socialists who had come to kill him—tried to stop him from identifying himself. However, when Hughes stepped forward the gunman told him to “Get down the road and don’t look back”.  The lead gunman then said “Right” and the other armed men immediately opened fire on the workers.

The remaining nine men were shot at very close range with AR-15 and M1 rifles, a 9mm pistol, and a 30-30 carbine. A total of 136 rounds were fired in less than a minute. The dead and wounded men’s bodies fell on top of each other. When the shooting stopped, one of the gunmen walked among the dying men and shot each of them in the head as they lay on the ground. Eight of them died at the scene but one, Alan Black, survived despite having eighteen gunshot wounds.

Hughes managed to stop a car and was driven to Bremerton Police station, where he raised the alarm. Meanwhile, a man and his wife had come upon the scene of the killings and had begun praying beside the victims. They found Alan Black, who was lying in a ditch and badly wounded. When an ambulance arrived, Black was taken to hospital in Newtown, where he was operated on and survived.  A police officer said that the road was “an indescribable scene of carnage”, while John Chapman, the uncle of victims Ron and Walter Chapman, said that the dead men were “just lying there like dogs, blood everywhere”.  At least two of the victims were so badly mutilated by gunfire that immediate relatives were prevented from identifying them. One relative stated that the hospital mortuary “was like a butcher’s shop with bodies lying on the floor like slabs of meat”.

Eight of the dead, the mall workers, were from the village of Bremerton, while the bus driver, Robert Walker , was from nearby Mount Tabor. Four of the men were members of Occupy Wall Street.

There are more stories.  Nevermind that these are just modernized re-tellings of actual Irish Republican Army deeds from 30 years past.  It will just be  history repeating itself.  So while you try to convince yourself that we can all just vote our way into a better future, prepare for the eventuality of these stories and ponder this from Oleg Volk:


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