While the Canary Sings

July 25, 2012

It’s the end of July, heading into August.  It’s hot and looks like it will stay that way for the foreseeable future.  Normally this would be that time of the year when things slow down a little.  Half the world goes on vacation in August.  Congress Critters, until recently, went on vacation in August and they’d head home like returning salmon, to mingle with us “little people”.  Re-election time for most of them, and they would have this itching, swelling, seasonal need to connect with those who would hopefully return them to office.  This year, there aren’t enough rocks for them to hide under, to lay low long enough to catch their breath and collect their wits to figure out how to play the cards they’re holding till November 6th.  And we all know November 6th will be the day for that annual event, when we put on our best “happy faces”, trundle down to the local polling place and “hope to vote our way out of this mess”.  Historically, we’d all have a good laugh afterwards and no matter how the tally went, at the end of the day, nothing really bad happened.  Life would go on, pretty much unchanged.  We were still one country, and everybody was still friends.

This year, November 6th is also “National Buy a Gun Day”.  After talking with my fellow shooters and figuring how my newest addition will integrate into my current collection, I will be adding a “nnnnn” pistol, chambered in  “mmmm” (specifics with held to avoid the distraction of a flame of comments).  It will see service as both concealed carry and open carry because this is more or less a second amendment friendly state.  Twenty years ago, after the Gulf War ended, not even the hard-core of us would have thought that the single act of  buying a gun on election day would be more important, and make a louder statement, than the single act of actually voting.

But this is where we are at.

This year, Election Day,  November 6th,  is like the day I marked on the calendar, some forty odd years ago, because my mailman had handed me a letter from Uncle Sam of congratulations on being selected to serve the country’s armed forces and how lucky I was to have a very special opportunity, all because my single digit draft number was selected at random that year.  That day, circled on the calendar in bright red pencil, would be the day when something, not beyond the stretch of  my imagination but really outside my ability to imagine it, would begin.  Yes, this November 6th will be just like that.

Looking back on the past few years, we’ve had the Restore The Constitution rally on the shores of the Potomac River at Gravelly Point, organized by Daniel Almond.  Armed citizens in plain view of the Capitol Building.  Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America and his now famous picture where he gave his speech with the Washington Monument in the background.  Then the second Restore the Constitution rallies simultaneously held in North Carolina and New Mexico drew even more people.  Armed people willing to stand and make a statement.   Many others attended the frequent armed mini-rallies in Georgia.  Now there is the current wave of PATCONS held in nearly a dozen states, the most discussed one being T. L. Davis’s.

And we’ve all benefited from The Mountain Guerrilla,  The Lizard Farmer,  The Arctic Patriot, American Mercenary,  Resistor in the Rockies.  Free North Carolina daily covers more material, in-depth, than all the MSM combined.  No idea how Brock squeezes 30 hours of work into his 24 hour days. Ann Barnhardt swings words like she has long sharp stick in both hands AND kicks and bites. Both WRSA and Sipsey Street Irregulars, that Sage of the 3%, maintain a rock steady presence for us all to enjoy.  These guys are all driven to help the rest of us figure out our roles in the inevitable ruckus.  And don’t leave out  Ruckus.org for your ruckus planning.

Last month, WRSA provided the platform, in his typically gracious, hands-off style, for a lengthy discussion and introspection on choosing a leader for this movement.  Wasn’t long before our dark side of the force showed, and my, there bubbled up such anger.  Anger because we’re not doing something to straighten out this mess.  Anger because we ARE trying to do something to straighten out this mess.  Anger because you have to be an army of one.  Anger because WE aren’t doing anything to support YOU in your efforts to be an army of one.  Anger because we haven’t chosen the ground for some variation of Shay’s Rebellion.  Anger because we haven’t evolved into some flavor of the IRA.  Anger because too many of us describe our views as the very things Kipling said over a hundred years ago. Anger because we can’t see, hear, run, fight, eat, drink, smoke and screw like we could when we were 20 somethings.  Anger because it hurts when you use your fist and it hurts when you use your head.  Anger is the fuel that will give you the go-power to actually do something besides spin around like a small child’s dreidel. Anger because you should have figured out by now exactly what that something should be.  Anger because I still remember who first told me “We’re not going to vote our way out of this”, yet here we are, still talking like we can vote our way out of this.

“Liberty is a state of mind”, is a happy thought to hold onto while we’re eating that bowl of rice in the internment camp, where those of us who weren’t “shot down on the pavement, are waiting on death row”.

Only if I was fishing with my fellow bubble head, John Venlet,  would I be maybe interested in a new leader.

Rod Serling, still standing in the fuzzy glow of that lamp-post, and with a very serious face,  is telling us how we are like a bunch of miners, riding a big elevator down through the darkness, once again into the familiar, but where the unknown, today, awaits us.  To toil while the canary sings.

We each need to see the other miners around us and spend a silent second to thank God for all their good company while we still can.  We all know Fate can have the darkness swallow us up in one big gulp, any second it wants, for such is the lot in life for us willing to venture into the darkness.


One Response to “While the Canary Sings”

  1. 55six Says:

    I just want to tell you, this is some of the best writing I have ever read. Thanks for being a light in the darkness. -55six

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