Great North American Games – 2015 Edition

September 25, 2012

Lots of writing going on this summer, both bloggers and the readers of bloggers.  And trolls.  Can’t really say if it’s got anything to do with the current battle for your vote.

Just this month, over at American Mercenary, there is just such a spate currently going on.  Two stories about the ethical aspects on killing, for those of you seriously considering any future move into that occupation, are a must read, if only for their simplicity.  AM is very clear  and to the point, that there are many differing attitudes towards killing, but the only one that matters is the one to defend your personal freedom and individual liberty.  You have to come to terms on a personal basis (with your maker) with the responsibility of administering  180 grains of instant problem solver to that individual who means to deprive you of freedom and liberty.   In fairy tales, good may always triumph over evil, but in real life, good usually benefits in its struggle overcoming evil  from somebody, somewhere prudently applying a little lead.  If you can stay awake reading it, fellow Ranger Lt Col Dave Grossman wrote “On Killing” in 2009.  It goes over in detail the differences in killing at long-range, medium range and close range, and how the connection that is or isn’t made between you and your target will affect you.  The book can be read in small sections, whenever you have the chance and is guaranteed to impress your co-workers when they see it on your desk (unless you work at the Post Office!).  But the time to read it is now while you’re only obliterating inanimate targets and not after you’ve just reduced your first live target to a quickly dissipating cloud of red mist.  You can thank AM for the stories now and thank Dave for the book later.  And don’t forget, the IRA Green Book also covers this subject in much the same way.

Two other stories this month, also from AM, allude to  different aspects of life during the Great North American Games – 2015 edition.  The first, Preppers Cache, is a discussion between to guys on “prepping” while they’re digging out a good-sized hole for a supplies cache.  The second,  What Future History Texts Might Say, covers a historical overview of the Second U.S. Civil War.  Who’d have thought we’d bug out across the Canadian border as rag-tag refugees, regroup, retrain, resupply and then slowly filter back in for a little “unconventional warfare”.  Really thoroughly enjoyable reading.  Hope there is more along these lines in the making.

An “Oldie but Goody”, that fits the occasion….


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