Absolutely Thrilled With the Elections

November 8, 2012

Sixty million people voted Tuesday, for Obama-Care, Obama-Phones, Gay rights and amnesty for illegals.  Their expectation is that returning a Marxist to the Office of the President to continue his Socialists policy of gutting the military, driving up energy costs, ruining the economy, and codling Muslim extremists, and generally expanding the size and scope of government will make what they want possible.

What they will get is another 5 Trillion in debt, another 30 million people out of work, and another 30 million people on food stamps, along with $9/gal gas prices, just like in Europe,  and then “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”  The cost of food, for example, will “necessarily skyrocket” as will everything else tied to the cost of energy.  Yup,  pretty much everything.  Businesses will simply close and set up shop outside the country, while it is still legal to do so.

Those 60 million people have made their choice and deserve what they’ve asked for.  When it results in total economic collapse and a totalitarian government, their big government will certainly take care of them. 

There is one scenario that has a chance of stopping this form of insanity:  military coup.  Initially, it would only take a few thousand troops in key locations to take control, quickly and cleanly, and maybe, eventually set things to a normal path.  If we’re very lucky, those troops won’t be Russian or Chinese.

My group has been preparing for this economic collapse and the resulting civil unrest for going on three years now.  We’ve even discussed Secession and Civil War 2 scenarios, and to tell the truth, we’ve gotten a little tired of rotating our supplies.  Bring it.  We’re good to go.

When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.
Benjamin Franklin


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