When the Bottomless Pit Runs Dry

December 4, 2012


One Hundred American Dollars.  Just enough for bread and wine for my seven studly friends and myself the night before we go down the river.  Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.


Ten Thousand American Dollars.  Just enough to feed, train and outfit one militiaman, and rather poorly at that.  And no, we are not the guys with the free dental plan.


One Million American Dollars.  That’s what you feel like when you sleep on all your ammo cans at night.


Trying to make a point here.  Money has a certain worth because people will mutually agree on what your money is worth.  Only then can trade for goods and services take place using your money.

For example, in the summer of 2008, while we were enjoying the entertainment of the election process here in the States, if and when you could find three eggs for sale in Harare, the price was pretty steep.

Zimb 5

 So, just a few years ago, Zimbabwe started printing folding money in denominations of 10 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars, just to make your shopping experience a little better.  Even when it takes a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread, as was common back in the heyday of the Weimar Republic, as long as you can buy bread, what’s the difference.  Bread is bread. And even  right now in Zimbabwe, they’re eating bread.

Zim $ 1

No, the real problem comes when  the baker of bread no longer accepts your Zimbabwe script, or Federal Reserve Note, in any denomination, for the purchase of a loaf of bread.  Then, you’re not eating bread and it’s not because you don’t have another 50 Trillion dollars burning a hole in your pocket that let you buy bread just yesterday. When you live your day to day life based upon procuring those things you need with money, and that plan suddenly stops working for you, well, suddenly, you start looking at things differently.

What if those crazy preppers were right?

What if that crazy old man down the road with all those guns, isn’t so crazy after all?

What if the history they taught us in school wasn’t anything like what really happened?

What if the FEMA truck stops,  not at the entrance to the FEMA camp, where they promised to feed and house us during this disaster, but in the middle of nowhere, at the edge of some park, called Katyn Forest?  Ah, the forest.  Fresh air, big trees, Bambi, and ……. mass graves.

Travel guide warning – sometimes the truth isn’t pretty.

But back at the bottomless pit…… in 2013, which starts in just a few days, your government, or rather the Federal Reserve, will be printing money to the tune of a shade over One Trillion American Dollars in their effort to “stabilize” the economy. You will never directly receive a penny of it.

Several sites have shown this little story, updated just since the elections and QE4Ever began.  No big deal.  The Federal Reserve tells the Treasury to print more money and they just do it.  After all, it’s just a Federal Reserve Note and it belongs to the Federal Reserve, and they aren’t in any way, shape or form part of the Federal Government.   Not unless you cover them all under the big umbrella of liars, crooks and thieves.  Then they might be considered equals.   Next time you buy eggs, think about how stable the economy will be next Christmas.  And where will your eggs come from then?


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    my chickens.

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