But We Still Get To Vote

January 3, 2013

January third.  First day for the 113th Congress and they have already sold you out and will do so again tomorrow.  What exactly did they say they were going to do?  Ah, yes, they didn’t say.  You would have shunned them like a leper if they had told you what their real plans are.  But now they’re in and there’s simply nothing you can do about it.  They will do whatever they want.  Even better, they will point to all your votes they received as proof positive you gave them a mandate to do whatever they want.

Ranger Up Politicians

Well, you do have one option, but the American people have used it so rarely in the past.  Revolution is like sex — really messy and exhausting if you’re doing it right.

Double Tap as Neccessary

And when you hear them speak of how owning a gun to hunt should be a privilege and not a right, agree with them whole heartedly.  Hunting is a privilege.  That’s why you need a hunting license.  Then remind them that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.

Geo Washington on firearms

So when they say “everyone will feel safer if you don’t have that scary black rifle”, you can simply say, “No”.  What will they do?  Lock us all up?

come and take it

In the meanwhile, there are plans underway to hold another 2A rally here at the park, pretty much like we did a couple of years back, around the middle of April.  This time without the politicians.  They’ve had their say.  This one will be for us.  Details later.

sons of liberty shirt


11 Responses to “But We Still Get To Vote”

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  2. BroncoBoy66 Says:

    In the infamous words of another person, Prepare, prepare, prepare. Keep up the excellent info. Love this !!!!!

  3. 55six Says:

    Time to pick the daisys

  4. rule308 Says:

    Uh, ok call me a dolt but are all those pics t-shirts? and where can I buy them all?

  5. philinohio Says:

    I stood on the banks of the Potomac with MV, DC, DA and 70 other fellow Americans on 4-19-10.It really pees me off they want us to reach into the ammo box so they can point us out as the ‘traitors’ when in fact they are the ones who hate this great nation.
    But like the title says’ I still get to vote’. MOLON LABE

  6. Michael Says:

    Got a link up to date on the rally?

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