Operation “Troll the NSA”

June 11, 2013


When you are faced with proof positive that the government has definitely crossed the line into tyranny you have three choices:

One:  Scoff.  This is just another scandal cooked up by those conservatives.   Means nothing.  Really.  Nothing satisfies like dis-belief.

Two:  Cower in fear.  All those crazy stories about the government monitoring everything you do are true and you better quit it before they come down your street like they did in Waterford looking for you.  There’s always the trusty and dependable U. S. Postal Service.  Nothing satisfies like total withdrawal.

Three:  Pull the Dragon’s tail.  If you can get it out of that cave into the open, you might have a chance against it.  Takes a lot of room to fight a Dragon.  Nothing satisfies like ridding the village of those pesky critters.

Operation Troll the NSA


2 Responses to “Operation “Troll the NSA””

  1. Nicky Says:

    It says 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. Aren’t most people on daylight savings right now?

    • tensmiths Says:

      actually, not all states observe daylight savings time. the site is hosted by a godaddy server in phoenix, which looks to be same as your location. if you have a small email address book, i suppose you’d have time to send it twice, just to be sure. last time i checked, the narus computers can siphon a thousand or so 10 G/s fiber optic lines in realtime. i wouldn’t worry you’ll make it sweat.

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