The Fall of 2014

October 9, 2013


On The List

Just returned from NCPATCON.  This is one thing that gets better each time.  Several good speeches about how we came to be in the mess we’re in today, full of details on the unconstitutional aspects of each nudge and push from the politicians over the past many years.  There was a reminder about the immorality of recognizing the people who are part of the nudge and push effort in our communities by giving them a place on our “special list”.  Of course, in corollary, we need to recognize those in our communities that visibly resist the same nudge and push effort.  These distinctions are based in the reality that the government is no longer mincing words and trying to hide behind obfuscations that they are overthrowing America from within, and doing so with the help of the many people who have bought into their fuzzy thinking.  They are now in that stage of open hostilities, that is a precursor to the final active tyranny stage, i.e., internal political war.  All that is required now to change everything, from walking mode into running mode, is a triggering event that will justify pulling tight the net on all of us domestic terrorists and instigators.  You see, they’ve already made their lists. While listening to these speeches go on, a single thought emerged:  “How do we make them stop?”.  What do we try to do next before moving on to “Plan B”.  


Will we even make it to the fall of 2014?   For a quick peek as to how this might pan out, there is a link over at WRSA to the story Endgame America, from the Free Republic site.  Also, don’t forget the two year old story from John Galt, The Day the Dollar Died.  Link at the sidebar.


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