Point of Concern for Future Urban OPS

November 15, 2013

“Get out-of-town as quickly and quietly as possible”, is probably ITEM #1 on your Escape and Evade SHTF plan if you live in a town of any size.  Understandably, you might be tempted, after successfully making your way out, to go back in and do a little “post SHTF Shopping”.  This is potentially made more hazardous if the town has a system called “ShotSpotter” made by SST, based in Newark, CA.  SST installed their biggest system in the most gun free city they could find.  The nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., of course.

A recent article in the Washington Post documenting the system performance leads back to a spreadsheet you can find on the Public Intelligence site.  Looks like the gun free zone of D.C. has had around 39,000 recorded instances of gunfire since the beginning of 2006.  And the “ShotSpotter” system only covers roughly a third of the city.  Accuracy is claimed to be “within a few yards”.


So when you plan on doing your “post SHTF Shopping” in a city so equipped, and there are several, remember the weakness of the system is that it is a detection system that is specifically told what to look for and gets confused with some similar noises.   Somehow, you might be able to change that quick staccato of your favorite 9 MM PDW with an attachment of some sort, that maybe mechanically changes the sound signature, somehow.

And since everybody is asking, “Where can I get mine?”,  good enough ones can be had here:


Bushido PDW smallish


2 Responses to “Point of Concern for Future Urban OPS”

  1. Cool tech. Wish I could believe it will be used in the future for good. Big Brother is now listening as well…. Sheesh.

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