Notes On Personal Security Detail

April 9, 2014

Your Daily Drive

Your Daily Drive

Long, long time ago, when I used to go with a young Ronald Regan over to play at Tom Jefferson’s house in the afternoon, there was this particular old crusty character that attempted to teach us the finer skills necessary for running a Personal Security Detail.  He usually wore an old leather jacket and a ball cap  that looked borrowed from some homeless guy, and he had a couple of visibly poorly healed-up scars.  Probably had a few more that didn’t show. Every day was just the re-telling of how he did this or that when he was on the detail for some politician, or businessman, or some dignitary in some little hell-hole of a place where nobody spoke the Queen’s English.  The main thing was that you had to have a plan, and you needed to plan for it like it might just be the last job you ever did.  We always suspected he’d robbed a few banks in his past, from the excruciating detail that went into every plan, right down to who drove the taxi-cabs that time of day and which way the water ran down the streets if it rained.


Nowadays, there’s some sharp-looking kid in his mid-twenties, wearing clean khakis and a polo shirt, using a colorful Power Point presentation trying to do the same thing,  as if running a Personal Security Detail is something that can be taught while you’re sitting down inside a classroom.  Well, it’s not.  Those old crusty guys didn’t get that permanent tanned look by spending their days inside a classroom, putting people to sleep with another pretty Microsoft product.


There are a few important skills you need to learn relating to  a Personal Security Detail for your own security, because it’s past time to start thinking about protecting yourself.  And it starts with……. (insert drum roll here)  making a plan.  If I wanted to capture or kill you, for the sake of this discussion,  I’d start figuring out what you do on a regular basis.  Your daily routine. Where do you go every day?  Is it always  the same route and at the same time?  More than one mode of transportation?  Always by yourself?  Always wear soft body armor so you can’t be tased?  Where is that one good spot to get bagged where nobody would see?  Could probably learn everything I needed to know after watching you for a week, and you will never see me, so you’ll need to come up with a really good plan.


Start reading here:

and then start making your notes.  Yes, it will require you to get outside and picture in your mind that you’re me, watching you go thru your day.  Try not to start drinking a lot and losing sleep over it.

Might not be me that takes that contract to hunt you down.  But somebody will.  You ready to have guests stay for Tea?


Home just in time for Tea

Home just in time for Tea


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