That Kodak Moment

April 19, 2014

First off, thanks to everyone that showed up and those that continue to hang in there in this endeavor.  It definitely has made a difference.  You are the story.   Fact is, you have just stepped into that street where the sign overhead says “The Twilight Zone”, and there is no turning back now.  For better or worse, we’re all knee-deep in “Change”.  So here is a little  slide show(*).  Grab some popcorn and set your drinks where you won’t hit them.

And So It Starts

Actually, the second American Revolution started years ago.  The government has been at war with you for quite some time now, but plain old “normalcy bias” keeps you from doing anything about it.  This is just the first time a lot of people got to participate or see the pictures.   Plus there has been extensive coverage, as long as you weren’t looking at NBC or CNN.   And yes,  it’s not over by any means.  It will take a certain critical mass of you to stay on-site, probably all summer, to keep this a success.  Actively pressing a revolution isn’t like going to Walmart, where you can just get your crap and then go home.  This will take whatever you have to give and then some more.

Will Take That Bet

If you have time to dig a little, you’ll eventually find the governments own research about the desert tortoise being endangered because, in that same environment is the equally endangered desert raven that lives there because it’s favorite food is little baby desert tortoises.  This is complicated because there is only a “best guess” on the population of either animal.  Almost exactly like the flap over the Spotted Owl in the Pacific Northwest forest, all those years ago.  Or climate change.  So, if this isn’t  about “Save the turtles”,  what is it?


When We Do It

A proposed cattle round-up?  Two hundred federal troops, most likely with automatic weapons.  Some agents, as you can see, with no identifying insignia.  Maybe on loan from Harry Reid’s personal army.  A few helicopters and drones.  A number of trucks and SUV’s.  One man, five head of cattle each.  Should be easy enough for a ten-year old kid to accomplish in an afternoon.    Except these guys don’t have that experienced cow-hand look about them.  Too bad we aren’t allowed this level of presence a little further south at the border where we have a serious ongoing problem.  But, somehow, we are supposed to see all this as reasonable.

When The Russians Do it

But if the Russians do the same thing, well, that’s unreasonable and provocative.



So, now you’re stuck, which ever direction you turn.  Despite voting for people who swear they will work to put an end to all this insanity, do you see any less insanity, or is there more insanity?  Sometimes the “more insanity” that shows up today was put in place years ago.   Tucked away by bureaucrats where nobody would notice.

Voice of Tyranny

The government is only looking out for your best interests.  Working hard to make the country strong and safe.


Now adays, if you don’t like saying, “Baaaaa, baaaaa”, then you’ll have to do something about it yourself.  Don’t give me that look.


 A variation on the old “What, me worry?” Somewhere on the campus of Connecticut College is the professor Reuters recently cited as an expert on the militia.  The main line of thought in her book is to try to understand where you angry white rural men come from and why you’re full of intolerance and vigilantism rather than embracing the modern liberal democratic reform way of thinking.  Without ever talking to even a single one of the millions of militiamen out there.  You can laugh.  I will scream.

The Surprised Look

Somewhere, there lives an angry white rural militiaman, so intolerant not to understand and appreciate democratic reform.  Resorts to graffiti of outdated and crude political slogans.  That narrows  down the search for the guilty person that did this.

When tyranny becoms law

The question was asked, “Why did the militia bring guns?”  The answer was, “Because those guys brought guns!”

Proper use of WAM

See?  Even your cat can do some surprising things.


Your turn.  What can you do?  What will you do?  Start thinking about what you’d want somebody to do when it’s your day to be the Bundy’s.  Ich ben ein Bundy!



*  some pictures borrowed from Mike Miles, who admits to possibly lifting some of them from somewhere else.


 Update —  Got time to volunteer or send your support?  Oathkeepers are manning the line.  You were going on a vacation anyway.  Think of it as the modern Peace Corps.





4 Responses to “That Kodak Moment”

  1. […] Tensmiths recounts and explains the past ten days. […]

  2. Halfdar Says:

    It’s amazing how many people around the world are adamant that Americans never, ever, give up their weapons. Especially people who live in countries where civilian disarmament has already been completed. You are the last ones to go, did you know?
    I watched events unfold at the Bundy ranch, and I recognised that I was being given an object lesson in why the 2A was writ initially. It seems this lesson is being lost on very few people.

    God Bless America.

    Mike in Canada

  3. cav medic Says:

    Have you read “Absolved,” by Miker Vanderbough? I hear it’s really good. I pre-ordered a copy back in 2009. My copy will be a collectors item. As it was download and printed from the thumb drive Mike raised in the air during his Gravelly Point speech.
    Without question, I am sure my copy will arrive in the mail, at about the same time Mr. “not one more inch,” (who will kill anyone who tries to take his guns) has his pistol returned.
    You know, the pistol that he so quickly and meekly surrendered during a traffic stop, and then cowardly applied for a permit.

    • tensmiths Says:

      read it several times. it’s a good read. that thumbdrive was also waved around at fort hunt, before we moved up to gravelly point. should have been an easy drive for you from the albany area. a lot of us drove much further. always reminds me of obi wan’s summation of mos isley when i travel up that way. mike had another thumbdrive when he came up to greensboro, later that year, that had some edits and revisions. those helped a bit. not sure why he can’t retain an editor to get his book to press. money maybe. i’d do it for free if i had the time. there’s already a copy in hundreds of fusion centers. and the splc. “free promotional copies” i guess. maybe one of them will loan you their copy if you ask real nice. mike’s been a little busy lately, traveling around attending rallies and making speeches, when he isn’t busy dying. but he is doing what he can to bring people information on what’s going on in the country; maybe more than he should and certainly more than most of us.

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