It’s A Freedom of Speech Thing

January 8, 2015

Pretty sure that God still isn’t very happy with me for killing all those people long time ago.  Even though they were all bad people and needed killing.  If I hadn’t done it, someone else surely would have.  But I’m also pretty sure God wouldn’t want me to go around killing people just because I didn’t think God can’t take a little joke, and I can’t take a little joke when people poke a little fun His way.  I figure, if you’re so thin-skinned that you have to lash out and kill people if they make fun of you, then you’ve got no business being in the Deity Business.  Put on your Big Boy pants and act like a God, I always say. 

So for those few out there without a pair of Big Boy pants that got a bit more butthurt than they could take over in France, we have this reminder:  killing Frenchmen ain’t no big thing.  It won’t get you any sympathy for your cause.  People have been killing Frenchmen  in every little third-world hell hole for hundreds of years and they’re still here, standing tall among the civilized people of the world.  In the meantime, some of us civilized people still excel at handing out butthurt, so here’s a little more of it for you.  And please, do bring that knife to a gunfight.





The religion of peace my big fat arse.  Get your share of butthurt’n pictures here from zombietime:


From Planck’s Constant:

One day, we will see daily jihadist attacks on our streets. When that becomes unbearable to our citizenry, hopefully we will have a President unafraid to call Islam an enemy of civilized peoples everywhere. On that day political correctness will not hold us back from doing what is morally imperative for our survival.


And from Hope ‘N Change:


Prophet and Loss-Small






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