Nip Fed 2015 Slash 1

February 24, 2015



WHAT: National Patriot Field Day 2015 (NPFD 2015/1, pronounced “nip-fed twenty-fifteen slash one”) – Continental FTX

WHEN: 1300Z 19 APRIL 2015 – 0100Z 20 APRIL 2015

WHERE: CONUS (at a minimum)

WHO: You and your team; see below

WHY: Demonstrating that skills learned over the past six years can be applied successfully in the field in coordination/communication with other like-minded freedom-loving people located across North America

HOW: Entirely at teams’ discretion, subject to provisions below

CONCEPT: NPFD will provide an opportunity for patriots of all interests, abilities, and skills to field those talents over a 12-hour period and communicate their wins/losses/corrective actions to local, regional, and national UHF/VHF/HF networks.


Final version to be released NLT 0500Z 26 FEB 2015


For everyone that has already started their Neighborhood Protection Force, or wants to start one, here is an event to help you pull that together.  And you have two months advance notice to get everyone on board with your planned scenario.  More notice than you will ever get if this was a real emergency.  It’s what dry runs are all about.  Plus you get to connect to other groups that are also playing along.  Just like those Massive Multi Player Online Games that you’ve already invested thousands of hours on.  Instead of actually doing this with real people, in real-time, in your AO.

The added bonus of it being on the 19th may give you a reason to climb up that church tower you’ve always wanted to climb and shine the light that will warn the people that, “they’re coming by land”.

Vigilant Guard

These guys are practicing for what’s ahead.  Why aren’t you?


And in the interest of ‘Net Neutrality, which we will all have something more to deal with soon, here is equal time from Anatoly Weaseldik, of our local Progressive think tank.  (We don’t call them Stasi anymore.  And we may have to start doing this for real as a condition of our license to operate a blog on the internet.)

Comrades!  You should be thinking about what you can do for your government!  If we could just put aside our differences and work together, for the good of all, we could get some really great government programs in place that would really make country a better place.  You can start by reporting the guilty party that posted this counter-revolutionary propaganda poster on all windows at the public transportation station.  This could potentially hurt someone’s feelings about their contributions to the public welfare.


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