All Your Data Are Belong to Us

May 31, 2015

All Your Bandwidth


Just like in AA, you have to admit you have a problem before you can get better.  Here we are today — all of us — guilty of willingly and carelessly giving our private data, and oftentimes the private data of others, to the government.    What they do with that data they won’t say.  So far, there are no congress critters with enough vertebrae to stand up and put an end to this data collection, or even curb it, when we ask nicely.  And we have asked nicely, so far.  If our private data, and the private data of others, is so important to us then it falls to us to act on our own.  Take control of your data and start helping others to do the same.  Pastor Niemöller approved.


“Well that sounds real fine, but what can I do, exactly?”


First, go read up on NSA spying at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  It’s well worth your five minutes to get a handle on what’s going on.


EFF logo_full

Second, while you’re at the EFF, look into HTTPS Everywhere and think about adding it to your browser.  It’s free.


Third, also use the Calomel SSL Validation browser add-on to check the status of the sites you visit.  Not everybody is doing all they can to ensure the security of your private data.  This will let you know where those sites are.


Fourth, go read up on a few things you can actively do to make their job of collecting your data a little less enjoyable. has a seven step plan to help you do this – pdf here:


accessnow logo

They also have a TECH page where there are other useful tools like the one to check if you’re visiting one of those fake websites, that sometimes get set up by those three-letter agencies, to spread dis-information.  Yup, it’s just another job that pays the bills.   AccessNow is a human rights organization and has a lot of information about what’s going on with the internet internationally.  If the government wanted you to know any of these thing, they’d probably told you by now, don’t you think?

A few other places where you can get help are Prizm Break and  Surveillance Self-Defense.  Both have a goodly number of tools for just about any platform you might have.


On June 5th, the organization Reset the Net is planning on a campaign to spread NSA-resistant privacy tools.  On that day, clicking on this banner will take you to their Privacy Pack.

Reset the Net splash


Did I hear someone say, “There’s a storm coming!” ?


Storm is Coming



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