There, Now That Should Take Care of That!

July 11, 2015

10:00.  Summer Time.  Sitting in the swing.  Drinking fresh lemonade.  Looking at my freshly mowed lawn, or at least the little bit of it I can see from the front porch. Listening to the radio.  Then distress.  Somebody is talking about taking down the Confederate flag.  It’s not sunset yet.  Not even noon.   My flag is still up.  I can clearly see its shadow on the front lawn.  So, it’s the one down in Columbia, at the War memorial.   I take my lemonade into the house to see what the deal is.


Confederate_Flag 500


10:20.  Sure enough, the whole bunch of politicians are up to no good again.  You can always tell because they’re all standing around, real proud like, getting their pictures made.  And they’re on the T.V.,  filled with some unexplainable sense of joyous relief that something was ending.  They were taking the flag down, before lunch time, and something was ending.  Something about, “the people demanded…..” and, “it was time we did something…”.  We must be in some for big kind of trouble, cause you know how politicians are.




10:30.  Now they’re saying some people were offended by something.  Well, what a flimsy excuse for a politician to be doing something.  Aren’t they supposed to be out of session here in July anyway?  What are they up to?  They won’t do those things that’s in their job descriptions when they are in session, but here they are, like it’s some national emergency.  Maybe Putin is in town and they want to present him with an official flag.  He must have a couple hundred tanks with Confederate flag decals on them already.  Just about every country does.  ISIS  even drives Humvee’s stolen from the Iraqi Army that have Confederate flag decals on them.  Some people just can’t fill out a “But Hurt Form” without a Congressman being there for a photo-op?


stephan fry EX5v4


10:55.  Just got the update from Senator Lee Bright.    Sounds like those politicians are hoping nobody notices on a Friday, that they’re sweating bullets hoping we won’t drag their sorry little behinds into court for improperly concocting this little bit of entertainment.  But it’s plain to see, “someone” told them to do this and be snappy about it or “The Fergeson Effect” would be coming to a town near them soon.

11:15.  Those groundskeeping guys are really good.  Pulled that old flag pole right up and didn’t leave much of a mess.  Funny how those politicians have that look about them, like they’re saying, “There, that ought to fix that!”.  Yep, I’ll just head back to the old porch swing and watch for all the unicorns and rainbows to go by.  It’ll all be a change for the better.  Yessiree Bob!   Ol’ Remus –  got any thoughts on how this might turn out?


greatest horror




3 Responses to “There, Now That Should Take Care of That!”

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  2. Bob Crandall Says:

    This is just Mr ObaMao trying to get us Rednecks so stirred up that WE fire the first shot in RevWarIII.

    Can’t do it, Brothers.

    We have to absorb the first hurt (and maybe the second or third) or we lose all moral authority plus the support of the majority of Americans who are basically clueless and become merely a bunch of racist criminals.

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