FreeFor — You’re Doing Something Wrong

October 22, 2015





Believe it or not, it’s not a regular part of my late night entertainment to be watching stirring speeches given in front of tens of thousands of excited local folk. In Dresden, Germany. Did not know until just this week that Tommy Robinson, who founded the EDL (English Defense League) in 2009, even spoke German. But there he was, like a favorite son, known and adored by everybody, returning in their hour of need. When you watch the video, you see that Tommy Robinson has been in the business of warning against the Islamification of Britain and Europe. Not a popular thing to do in your governments eyes, since anything and everything that points out the fact that a certain kind of violence and mayhem has settled in to, say Birmingham, for example, has been made punishable by law in England. And elsewhere.

Here is a similar speech given in Utrecht.



tommy robinson utrecht


But the best by far are the two speeches by Götz Kubitschek, who has been producing the bi-monthly magazine Sezession, since 2002. Here is the easy to read, and short, English translation of his Leipzig speech back in January at the LEGIDA rally.

More recently, he also gave a speech in Dresden at the PEGIDA rally earlier this month on the 5th of October. It has English subtitles and so makes a good example of the main line of thought is behind all these, almost weekly now, rallies that consistently get 20 – 30 thousand people to turn out in a modern city of 2 million.



gotz kibitschek dresden pegida



And that line is, that the government is founded to be representative of the people, and as of late, it is acting against the wishes of the people and so far has resisted all efforts to rein them in. This is not just about how the massive immigration of a dis-similar people into the country will affect, well, just about everything you experience in day-to-day life. This is about the cultural war the government is waging against the people, literally replacing them with a totally different culture of people and then changing all the laws to favor them to your disadvantage. And then taxing you to support that change. And then bludgeoning you when you complain about it. Sound familiar?




closing speech dresden pegida

You can always choose not to look at these rallies and think, “Ah! That’s Germany. That’s got nothing to do with us!” Besides, you already know everything about the New Right movement in Germany because the main stream media in this country has already told you everything you need to know about them and what they stand for, right?


Lutz Bachman at Dresden Pegida

The same main stream media that tells you everything you need to know about us. Just a bunch of right-wing crazies waving scary flags and talking anti-government stuff.



Dave at gravelly point



Must all be true because our government is making a new Department of Justice position to head up the effort to counter all the domestic extremists and lone wolf killers that are running rampant, and no, they are expressly not referring to anyone of middle-eastern extraction while they’re looking you in the face explaining how this is to make the country “better for everyone”.


FreeFor kind of got out of the speeches and rallies cycle  several years back because there is just so much rage fatigue, but  it’s time, once again, to find a way to unite or die.  Somewhere there has to be a 20,000 person event waiting out there to happen for us.




4 Responses to “FreeFor — You’re Doing Something Wrong”

  1. I have been following Gates of Vienna on Twitter and I can’t tell how happy I’ve been to see this new resistance (Widerstand) growing. The EDL & PEGIDA (?) have sadly been shown in living color just how right they are. Resistance is NEVER futile!

  2. Birdlover Says:

    I think those 20,000 person events ARE already happening – they’re called Trump rallies

  3. lineman Says:

    Until we start banding together and start forming Patriot Community’s like the homo’s have done with San Francisco and other cities we will not succeed until the pain really effects us which is why they have such large turnouts over there right now…They are feeling the pain…

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